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Steering Test Machine Steering System Test Machine

The Steering System Test Machine (SSTM) is a computer-controlled machine for applying force and displacement inputs to a vehicle's steering system in the laboratory.

The SSTM is used to characterise steering system performance both objectively, using quasi-static and dynamic tests, and subjectively. Hardware in the Loop (HiL) testing can also be performed.

The frame of the machine allows the vehicle?s steering column and steering wheel to be mounted so that manual inputs can be applied to the system (a seat is provided for the driver), and steering feedback to be measured. Optionally, the machine can be interfaced with ABD's SR30, SR60 or SR150 Steering Robots, to provide controlled position or torque inputs to the steering column.

The SSTM can also be supplied with an optional Hydraulic Power Pack to drive a proprietary vehicle power steering pump under speed control.

Outline specification (pdf)

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