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Noise & Vibration Noise and Vibration Testing Systems

We offer a range of noise/vibration (NVH) measurement & analysis system solutions, designed for testing automotive powertrain and power-steering products:

■ on test stands (end-of-line, audit, R&D, durability)
■ in-vehicle
■ pass-by

with worldwide application experience of testing:

■ axles (independently-suspended, beam, with/without tubes, with/without driveshafts)
■ transmissions (manual, automatic, auto-shifted manual, CVT)
■ transfer cases (4x4, SUV, commercial vehicle)
■ PTUs (power take-off units)
■ differential units (4x4 front-rear)
■ engines ("cold" & "hot")
■ power-steering (hydraulic, electro-hydraulic, electric)
■ motors
■ alternators
■ pumps & compressors

These different products have many similar NVH issues, but experience has taught us that they each also present their own specific measurement & analysis challenges.

We design, configure & supply systems to meet your specifications, and we also offer a full range of associated services including:

■ pre-sales pilot studies on your site or in collaboration with your chosen test stand provider
■ advice on test set-up, sensors, specifications etc.
■ integration with your chosen test stand
■ system installation/commissioning at test stand builder's site and/or your site
■ training for your personnel (everyday & in-depth/fundamentals)
■ ongoing help with result interpretation
■ correlation-optimisation studies

PLATO - fully-featured NVH test system

Plato delivers high-precision order-domain analysis of gear-mesh related noise/vibration when the product under test is subjected to variable speed and/or variable torque test conditions.

For test stand based applications, Plato is optimised to provide an automated, highly-efficient (and hence fast) NVH test cycle, yet the same software running outside of test mode (or on another PC) is capable of "deep-diving" into the raw data, facilitating comprehensive analysis & reporting.

Plato also comes with many add-on software options relevant to test stand based testing of transmissions, gearboxes, transfer cases, CVTs etc:

■ "Stats" - for automated statistical analysis & trending of key quality values extracted by the system during every test
■ "Dybal" - for input (companion flange) imbalance measurement
■ "Metkit" - for gear pitch-line run-out measurement
■ "Revkit" - for objective analysis of impulsive noise/vibration from non-cyclical errors such as gear "knocks" & "clicks"
■ "Focus" - an automated fault-classification system, which uses the entire abnormal NVH-signature to report root-cause information using sophisticated pattern-matching algorithms


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