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AB Dynamics to feature in Channel 4 Rise of the Robots season

Channel 4's ‘Rise of the Robots' season will see TV presenter and motorbike racer Guy Martin working with AB Dynamics' driving robots.

The programme, which will air on Sunday 26th November at 9pm, shows Guy attempting to create the world's fastest driverless van by fitting AB Dynamics steering, pedal and gear robots into a Ford Transit.

The construction of the driverless van takes place in Guy's shed at his home near Grimsby. It is then tested on a local closed road, and finally taken around Silverstone to see how fast it can go.

The programme also sees Guy Martin experience a “Level 5” autonomous vehicle and investigate the future of going fast for petrolheads like himself.
Nov 13, 17

AB Dynamics wins Tech Achievement of the Year

Advanced engineering solutions provider AB Dynamics has won the Tech Achievement of the Year at the UK Tech Awards.

Attended by over 800 people comprising of tech entrepreneurs and fast-growing tech companies, the UK Tech Awards recognise exceptional achievement in the fast-moving tech sector.

AB Dynamics is a key partner to the global automotive industry, having supplied innovative testing systems for research and development and production quality control for over 35 years. The company's range of driving robots and ADAS targets are used by the likes of NHTSA and Euro NCAP to develop generation after generation of test standards.

Tim Rogers, CEO at AB Dynamics said, “We are immensely proud to win this award and for our cutting-edge technology and hard-working team to be recognised by esteemed members of the technology industry.”

Nov 03, 17

AB Dynamics to exhibit at Automotive Testing Expo, Michigan 2017

AB Dynamics, supplier of innovative, high quality test equipment to the global automotive industry will be exhibiting at the Automotive Testing Expo, October 24-26 in Michigan.

The exhibition showcases new test solutions for the automotive industry and AB Dynamics will be at the forefront of this, displaying their range of ADAS targets and their new advanced vehicle driving similar (aVDS).

This revolutionary simulator combines a high-performance motion platform and high specification audio and vision system with world class content to produce a simulator capable of reacting to the smallest changes in vehicle configuration. This saves both time and money by allowing meaningful input from the test driver to be obtained prior to a physical prototype being available.

Jeremy Ash, Commercial Manager at AB Dynamics says: “We are looking forward to showcasing our latest range of solutions for ADAS testing which allow our customers precise control over the manoeuvres and scenarios they need to perform on the proving ground.”
Oct 23, 17

HRH Duke of Gloucester officially opens AB Dynamics' New Premises

HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, officially opened AB Dynamics' new premises on October 5, 2017 with the unveiling of a plaque and the signing of their visitor's book.

A number of civic dignitaries attended the event, including Lady Marland - the High Sheriff of Wiltshire, Cllr Allison Bucknell - Chairman of Wiltshire Council and Michelle Donelan, MP – Member of Parliament for Chippenham.

Tim Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at AB Dynamics escorted the Duke around the £9 million, 39,000-square foot site, where they viewed the manufacturing space and large offices. During the tour, the Duke reflected on the value of British engineering and the contribution that AB Dynamics has made to car safety. As a trained architect, he could appreciate the aspects of the design – its striking engineered form, high quality and close attention to detail, allowing natural light into most of the space.

The building, designed by SRA Architects, will accommodate AB Dynamics' wide product range including high quality test equipment, test rigs and advanced driving simulators, some of which will be over 8 tonnes in weight. They worked closely with AB Dynamics to design a building that communicated the company's strong brand values to all visitors and enabled easy adaptability throughout the building to readily accommodate the inevitable changes required by the fast-growing business.

John Rich, Partner, SRA Architects said: “AB Dynamics understand the value to their business of good design – their new headquarters will communicate the company's ethos of ‘advanced engineering' to staff, customers and investors. We have greatly enjoyed designing the project, and wish them every success for the future. ABD is a real asset to Bradford-on-Avon.”

Tim Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at AB Dynamics comments: "We are delighted that HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester and our local civic dignitaries could join us to mark this milestone in the company's history. We value the Duke's comments, notably his appreciation for the cutting-edge technology that has been developed by our accomplished workforce to make a significant improvement to road safety.”
Oct 06, 17

AB exhibits at Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference 2017

AB Dynamics exhibited at the CARHS Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference in Ingolstadt, Germany on September 28 and 29.

Also present at the exhibition was The Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt), a practice-oriented, technical-scientific research institute of the German Government in the field of road engineering, focussing on the relationships between roads, humans and the environment.

Another exhibitor was ADAC Technology Centre, the central testing facility of the European automobile clubs, carrying out competent evaluations and methodical tests in the areas of mobility and safety. The largest and most important part of its testing will benefit of their 18 million strong members and consumers alike.

Both BASt and ADAC are loyal customers of AB Dynamics and were proudly displaying the SR15 and SR15 Orbit steering robots in their vehicles, shown in the accompanying photos.

Both versions of the SR15 can easily attach to a vehicle's steering wheel without removing the airbag. They're a very popular choice for ADAS testing and also well-suited to durability applications.

The SR15 Orbit can be installed behind the steering wheel rim for excellent driver ergonomics, or in front of the rim where the dash or stalks would otherwise interfere.

Click here for more information on AB Dynamics' range of steering robots: http://www.abd.uk.com/en/driving_robots/steering_robots

Sep 28, 17

AB Dynamics to exhibit at Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference 2017

AB Dynamics will be exhibiting at the CARHS Autonomous Emergency Braking Conference in Ingolstadt, Germany on September 28 and 29. The conference, which attracts an international specialist audience from around the world, will look at Euro NCAP Autonomous Emergency Braking (AEB) protocol changes in 2018. AB Dynamics will be discussing how their equipment can be used in future generations of safety testing.

Currently, Euro NCAP testing relies on targets such as AB Dynamics' Guided Soft Target (GST) which can be driven at high speeds and with unrivalled accuracy, as well as allowing precise synchronisation with the test vehicle. With photo-realistic and radar-reflective skins, they are designed to be recognised as a car by the vehicle's sensors.

AB Dynamics will also be displaying their TrackFi Pro wireless telemetry system which transfers 100% reliable data transfer either between vehicles or to the base station. It can also be used in environments where there is no line-of-sight or where multi-path transmission is a challenge.

Jeremy Ash, Commercial Manager at AB Dynamics says: "We are looking forward to displaying our range of advanced driving assistance system (ADAS) targets and the different circumstances in which they can be used. This includes scenarios at intersections and those containing cyclists, pedestrians and mopeds.”

Visit the conference website here: https://www.carhs.de/en/praxisconference-aeb-overview.html
Sep 26, 17

Euro NCAP announces its strategic Roadmap to 2025

Euro NCAP has announced its strategic Roadmap to 2025 which details that testing will rely on vehicle targets like the Guided Soft Target and the Soft Pedestrian Target from AB Dynamics.

The GST from AB Dynamics is an essential tool for developing future driving assistance technology and will be used to test the next generation of ADAS such as Automatic Emergency Steering (AES).

Similarly, the SPT will be used with Pedestrian, Bicycle and Powered Two-Wheel Vehicle Safety as it can precisely synchronise the movement of a dummy with that of an oncoming vehicle.

Since its establishment in 1997, Euro NCAP has been the catalyst for significant and sustained advances in automotive safety. Celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, their independent crash tests and continuously evolving assessment protocols have given consumers the knowledge they need to help choose safety equipment and an estimated 78,000 lives have been saved in the EU as a result.

AB Dynamics work with Euro NCAP to challenge vehicle manufacturers to offer the best possible technology as standards in all segments and countries, protecting not only car occupants of all ages but also increasingly addressing the safety of other more vulnerable road users.

Sep 15, 17

AB Dynamics Announces Move to New Premises

Anthony Best Dynamics, a supplier of innovative, high quality test equipment to the global automotive industry, will be moving to a newly built, £9 million state-of-the-art facility located less than a mile away in Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire on October 30, 2017.

The long-awaited move comes as a result of AB Dynamics' phenomenal growth over the past few years, which has seen the workforce increase to over 100 people. The company has more than doubled its floor space and in the past four years, tripled its revenue and quadrupled its profit. AB Dynamics continues to recruit at a rapid pace and has even invested in further space around the new 39,000 square feet site as an overflow for its continually expanding workforce.

The company has been located at their current site on Holt Road since 1986. AB Dynamics initially provided noise, vibration, and suspension engineering services to the automotive industry and has developed a cutting-edge product portfolio with the design and manufacture of driving robots, remote driving systems, large static test rigs and advanced driving simulators, to become a world leader in this field with over 95% of its output exported to markets overseas.

The company has supplied virtually every major automotive company in the world and has a global network of sales representatives.

Tim Rogers, Chief Executive Officer at AB Dynamics comments: "The relocation of our operation to the Middleton Drive site is the culmination of an exciting year for us in 2017. As well as agreeing a partnership with Williams F1 to develop a driving simulator for the international automotive market, we have many other exciting new products in development. This is affirmation that AB Dynamics continues to go from strength to strength, now recognised as a key partner to the global automotive industry, having supplied innovative solutions for over 30 years.”

Aug 25, 17

K-City gears up with AB Dynamics equipment

We're pleased to announce that we have been selected to supply driving robots, drive-by-wire controllers and a Guided Soft Target (GST) for a major new proving ground in Korea. K-City is being built by the Korea Automobile Test and Research Institute (KATRI) and will be one of the world's largest facilities for testing and developing self-driving cars.

The new driving robots and GST for K-City have been specified with a raft of AB Dynamics' proprietary technology onboard to allow for precise and synchronised motion of multiple vehicles and ADAS targets. Path-following software, TrackFi Pro wireless telemetry and Synchro vehicle-to-vehicle synchronisation control are key elements of AB Dynamics' offering for ADAS testing and intelligent vehicle development.

The K-City order also includes two of AB Dynamics' new Flex-0 drive-by-wire controllers. The Flex-0 replaces the existing CAN-Omni product and allows by-wire control of compatible vehicles, via the same Robot Controller software interface as if they were using conventional driving robots.

Jeremy Ash, commercial manager at AB Dynamics, notes that “what makes our offering so appealing to customers is the fact that our ADAS targets and by-wire controllers are built upon the two decades of development behind our driving robots; they use the same software and they are all natively compatible. This type of testing with multiple vehicles can be very complex, and only AB Dynamics can guarantee total in-built compatibility across driving robots, by-wire control and ADAS targets. The holistic approach even extends beyond our track-testing products – we're also ensuring that lab test equipment such as our new Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator (aVDS) will work seamlessly together with our other products, allowing customers to reproduce the same ADAS scenarios on the track and in simulation.”

K-City is scheduled to open in 2018. This video shows some of the planned facilities: https://youtu.be/sCva4CwZrDU

Aug 07, 17

Record-breaking driving robots order from CATARC

AB Dynamics is pleased to announce that it has received its largest ever order for driving robots. The order has been received from the China Automotive Technology and Research Center (CATARC), a leading Chinese research organisation based in Tianjin. AB Dynamics is a longstanding supplier to CATARC, which has previously bought a number of driving robots, a Guided Soft Target and a Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine from the UK-based automotive testing specialist.

The new order, secured with the assistance of AB Dynamics' Chinese sales partner Zeer, allows CATARC to expand its track-based testing capabilities to include the latest China-NCAP test protocols and to perform a wide range of other international standard tests as required by its clients. CATARC is the leading organisation in China for the testing of Intelligent and Connected Vehicles and has already invested nearly 100 million yuan in its track-based testing and simulation capabilities.

Jeremy Ash, commercial manager at AB Dynamics, said “we were delighted to receive this strategically-important order from one of our key Chinese customers. CATARC is a benchmark in the Chinese car industry, and we appreciate the confidence that it has placed in AB Dynamics and its products. With the new suite of driving robots and the Guided Soft Target which will be delivered later in 2017, CATARC has positioned itself as a major player in global vehicle safety testing business.

“AB Dynamics has focused on offering a comprehensive suite of test equipment covering lab-based and test track which works together in synergy. Customers appreciate the fact that our products have been designed from the outset to work together seamlessly”.

Aug 07, 17

Five AI featured on the BBC with AB Dynamics robots

BBC2's flagship science and technology show, Horizon, covered driverless cars on the 29th June, and featured our client Five AI, which is developing software for driverless cars. The show included footage of robots (SR15 Orbit and CBAR600) fitted in the development vehicle, a Kia Soul EV.

Five AI is a UK startup founded by engineers with wide experience in software, electronics and machine learning. Its engineers have been using AB Dynamics driving robots to drive the vehicle, following commands issued by the software that it is creating.

In the show, Five AI's CEO, Stan Boland, is seen operating the development vehicle at Millbrook proving ground. The show also covers other driverless technology such as the Roborace project.

Using AB Dynamics robots offers a convenient way for driverless software development, as they can be controlled in real time via CAN or Ethernet signals, enabling engineers to use any vehicle for driverless tech development.

You can watch the episode on BBC iPlayer here. (UK viewers only)
Jun 30, 17

New pedal robot: CBAR600L - the low-profile actuator

With more than 175 sold around the world, the Combined Brake and Accelerator Robot (CBAR) is one of our most popular models. Now AB Dynamics has launched a new variant - the CBAR600L.

The 'L' stands for low profile. Our mechanical design team has come up with unique arrangement to reduce the actuator height by more than 25%. This results in enhanced comfort for the driver, particularly in vehicles with low seating positions such as sports cars.

In the photo, the new CBAR600L is shown on the left, and the standard CBAR600 is shown on the right

The CBAR600L is suitable for use with Power controllers only. Customers with existing CBAR500 / CBAR600 robots can upgrade to a CBAR600L (Power controller upgrade may also be required). Performance is similar to that of the CBAR600 model.

Contact AB Dynamics or your local representative for more information.
Jun 19, 17

UTAC - testing tomorrow's ADAS tech with AB Dynamics

UTAC in France is one of the seven Euro NCAP test laboratories and has been at the forefront of developing European ADAS test standards. It uses a wide range of AB Dynamics test track equipment to do so, including driving robots, a Guided Soft Target and a Soft Pedestrian Target.

UTAC has recently developed an in-house motorcyclist target for use with its GST, and has produced a video showing how it uses the various AB Dynamics equipment in its ADAS testing (see below).

In fact, its GST is in such heavy use that the company has this year placed an order for a second platform from AB Dynamics, and has plans to add two further GSTs in the next year.

Jun 13, 17

Indoor positioning - now you can path-follow without GPS!

Working in conjunction with OxTS, AB Dynamics has developed an indoor positioning system for use with its robots. It offers sufficient accuracy for use in path-following, meaning that a huge range of tests previously done outdoors can now be performed under cover.

The new system combines IMU data with a unique absolute positioning system to give centimetre accurate output even at speed or during dynamic tests.

The following video gives more details about this exciting new development and shows testing performed using a fully-functional prototype.

May 19, 17

Stuttgart Testing Expo + AB Dynamics seminar

We will be at the Testing Expo in Stuttgart on the 20-22nd June 2017, where we will be showing new products including LaunchPad (a small guided platform for ADAS testing) and Capture+Review (our video capture solution). Information will also be available on the Advanced Driving Simulator and the K&C Inspect system. Come and see us on Stand 1346.

AB Dynamics seminar
Additionally, we will be running a seminar to present new product developments. It is free and open to all interested parties, but we ask that you book a place by emailing us (info@abd.uk.com).

Location: Room 1.4, just outside Hall 1 in the Stuttgart Messe
Time: 11am - 12pm
Dates: Tuesday 20th June and Wednesday 21st June

Refreshments will be available.
May 05, 17

Launch of Capture+Review - data-synchronised video capture

AB Dynamics is pleased to announce the launch of a new product designed for use with its driving robot systems.

Capture+Review uses HD video cameras to record up to four streams, combined into a single composite output, which is automatically synchronised with the data from the robot test.

Subsequent review of tests is easy as the video can be played back alongside charts showing the data. Cross-hairs show the corresponding point in the data charts.

It is suitable for use with any AB Dynamics driving robot system.

This video shows how the system is used:

Mar 16, 17

Soft Car 360 approved for EuroNCAP 2018 tests

Following the Euro NCAP workshop at AstaZero in Sweden in November 2016, the Soft Car 360® has been confirmed as suitable for the forthcoming Euro NCAP 2018 test procedures.

The Soft Car 360® fitted to the AB Dynamics GST chassis was tested and evaluated by over 15 participants and evaluated through a comprehensive range of tests. The participants included vehicle manufactures, first tier suppliers and component manufactures from the global automotive industry.

The combination of the Soft Car 360® and chassis are the basis for specifications of the Global Vehicle Target to be used in the Euro NCAP 2018 tests.
Mar 15, 17

Testers' Day at AstaZero, Sweden

AB Dynamics will be exhibiting at the Testers' Day event in Sweden on Tuesday 25th April. The event is promoted by Testing Site Sweden and AstaZero and is an opportunity to talk to AB Dynamics about our product range and its applications.

There is a particular focus on Euro NCAP testing for active safety and the forthcoming 2018 ratings.

For more information and to register for the event, please click the link below:

Testers' Day event 2017
Mar 07, 17

Introducing the aVDS driving simulator at IPG Open House

AB Dynamics will be introducing the aVDS (Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator) at the IPG Automotive “Open House” event in Karlsruhe on Tuesday March 28th. The event is free to attend and includes a series of presentations on the use of model based simulation in the vehicle development process.

For further information on the event please click here

More information on the aVDS
Mar 03, 17

Advanced Track Testing event announced, July 2017

AB Dynamics and its partners are pleased to announce the Advanced Track Testing event, to take place at the Rothenburg ob der Tauber airfield, Germany, on 3rd July 2017.

You are warmly invited to join us for this event which will be an opportunity to see the latest track-testing technology from:

AB Dynamics

There will be live demonstrations of much of the technology, as well as an opportunity to meet and talk to experts from the exhibiting companies.

For more information, please click here and use the "Anmeldung" button at the bottom of the page to register for your place.
Jan 27, 17

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