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Laboratory test systems SPMM5000 - Advanced Moving Body Suspension Parameter Measurement Machines

The latest moving body Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) from AB Dynamics is a proven machine for use in Kinematics and Compliance testing.

ABD's kinematics and compliance measurement machines measure the quasi-static suspension characteristics that are important to ride and handling. The machines measure the kinematic characteristics due to suspension and steering system geometries, and compliances due to suspension springs, anti-roll bars, elastomeric bushes and component deformations.

The SPMM uses precision electric actuators that avoids all the problems traditionally associated with hydraulic test equipment. The first SPMM manufactured by AB Dynamics was installed in 1997 and is still testing vehicles on a daily basis without requiring any major maintenance.

A large number of parameters may be evaluated, the principal ones being suspension rates and hysteresis, bump-steer, roll-steer, roll stiffness distribution, longitudinal and lateral compliance steer, and steering system characteristics. Knowledge of these parameter values and characteristics is an essential aid to the thorough understanding of a vehicles performance in terms of ride, steering and handling.

It comprises rigid centre table upon which the vehicle is mounted. The centre table can be moved with 6 degrees of freedom motion for Kinematics measurements. Individual wheel stations have 3 degrees of freedom (X, Y, delta) and integral 6 axis load platform. Wheel positions are measured using an accurate and easy to use optical encoder system. The optional MIMS (Moment of Inertia Measurement System) enables the SPMM to quickly measure vehicle centre of gravity, and inertias.

The SPMM can be supplied with four wheel stations to enable a full vehicle to be tested, or a two wheel station variant that allows one axle to be tested at a time.

The latest SPMM 5000 can accommodate larger SUV vehicles, with the vertical stroke increased to +/-210mm and the nominal load capacity to 5,000kg. It also comes with longer wheel stations enabling vehicles ranging in size from very small up to those with a maximum wheel base of 4,450mm to be tested without comprising accuracy.

The SPMM 5000 uses a new generation of real-time controller to precisely control the motion of the machine. This is a state-of the art device with 10 times more computing power than its predecessor and improved data capture. Easy to upgrade as K&C test requirements become more demanding, it also provides an ideal platform for new and future SPMM developments.

2 Wheel Station SPMM

The two wheel station SPMM enables a single axle to be tested at a time. It is suitable for customers with a limited budget or low testing throughput requirement.

The two wheel station SPMM is designed to allow it to be upgraded to a four wheel station machine.

4 Wheel Station SPMM

The 4 wheel station SPMM enables both axles of a vehicle to be tested simultaneously.

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