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Laboratory test systems Customer References


“Of all of the available machines for suspension K&C measurements, we definitely feel that the SPMM is the best choice, not only because it can offer an excellent combination of accuracy, convenience and efficiency, but also because of the excellent after sales support we have received from ABD's engineers”

Dr Li Fei
Senior Engineer, Chassis Development,
China Automotive Technology & Research Center (CATARC)
September 2014.


“The SPMM rig has made a significant impact to Chrysler's vehicle development, allowing us to perform efficient, accurate and repeatable vehicle measurements. We are continually impressed with the build quality, attention to detail, and the thought process put into the design of the test equipment. We would recommend serious consideration of ABD's product and support team”

David Sobolak and Jonathan Claussen,
Test and Development Engineers,
Chrysler USA.
September 2009


“In 2009, the milestone of the 2000th vehicle being tested on the SPMM at Lommel was reached. During this period the machine has proved to be very reliable with low maintenance costs and downtime.”

Mark Gijbels, Development Engineer,
Ford Research and Advanced Engineering, Europe.
September 2009


“In the 14 years since delivery MIRA has successfully tested over 1100 production cars, vans, light trucks and race cars on this machine. During this period the SPMM has proven to be an excellent product; efficient and flexible in use, accurate and exceptionally reliable.”

Ian Willows, Consultant Engineer, Vehicle Dynamics,
September 2009


“During the 4 years since installation, the machine has been in constant use and we have been extremely satisfied with the performance of the SPMM and the technical support provided by Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd.”

Antony Bracco - SPMM Engineer, and Bruno Reinke – General Manager Vehicle Dynamics Division,
Toyota Motor Europe, Zaventem.
September 2009


“At the end of 2013, we installed an SPMM in our new chassis center. We were very pleasantly surprised how easy and error-free commissioning of the rig was. Since installation the rig has provided us with high-quality data that will help us to streamline our vehicle development”

Per Hesslund
Manager Vehicle & Rig Testing,
Volvo Car Corporation, Hällered Proving Ground
September 2014

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