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Laboratory test systems Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator

A next-generation driving simulator for accelerated and streamlined vehicle system development

The aVDS (Advanced Vehicle Driving Simulator) represents the next generation of driving simulators. Purpose built for vehicle development, it offers exceptional immersion and complements our existing range of vehicle testing and development products. The performance advancements over previous generations of simulators opens the scope of applications to include many that would have traditionally required a prototype vehicle.

The aVDS was developed with the aim of creating a true driving simulator, a system that combined accurate dynamics with deep immersion. The high levels of performance achieved by the aVDS mean that it is suitable for a wide range of driver-in-the-loop applications. Use for the development of ADAS, autonomous emergency braking, autonomous vehicle systems and the integration of electric and hybrid systems are just some of the unconventional areas in which the aVDS can be employed.

Simulators often fail to provide the driver with a high enough level of feedback and familiarity, resulting in driver behaviour that may vary from on-road performance. The aVDS uses a high specification audio and visual system in conjunction with industry-leading rFpro content to provide low latency vestibular, audio and visual cueing. This not only improves immersion but reduces the likelihood of the user experiencing motion sickness.

The motion platform, developed by Williams Advanced Engineering, offers up to 60Hz frequency response, delivering class leading six-degrees-of-freedom dynamic performance. This rapid response time further improves driver immersion as their inputs and feedback are experienced at a rate comparable to real driving. To see the system in action view the animation below.

A high payload capability allows a full vehicle front end and cockpit module to be mounted to the motion platform. Alternatively, for maximum dynamic performance, we can supply a lightweight carbon composite cockpit.

The aVDS reduces the time and costs associated with vehicle development. It builds on a portfolio of invaluable tools and helps form the foundations of a harmonised test and development system. Providing a complete, synergistic cycle from computer simulation to lab and track testing, AB Dynamics offer integrated tools to simplify vehicle development.

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