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Laboratory test systems Kinematics & Compliance Test Machines and Vehicle Dynamic Simulators

The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine

The Suspension Parameter Measurement Machine (SPMM) from Anthony Best Dynamics Ltd is a Kinematics and Compliance (K&C) test machine that is driven entirely by electro-mechanical actuators.

It is used to accurately establish the kinematic characteristics of a vehicles suspension and steering system geometries, and the compliance characteristics of the suspension springs, anti-roll bars, elastomeric bushes and component deformations. Knowledge of these characteristics is an essential aid for suspension engineers wishing to establish a thorough understanding of the vehicles performance in terms of ride, impact isolation, steering and handling.

The SPMM allows vehicles K&C characteristics to be measured quickly, reliably and repeatably. After loading the vehicle it is subjected to a variety of forces and displacements by precisely controlling the movement of the centre table and the wheel platforms. The resulting wheel displacements and wheel platform load variations are accurately measured and used to automatically calculate the vehicles K&C parameter values.

The first SPMM was installed in 1996. Since then its design and capability have been continually updated by incorporating new technologies and increasing the rigs capability in response to new and increasingly sophisticated user requirements. Today's SPMM is a proven and reliable machine with a compact, clean and safe design, an intuitive user interface and which is easy to both use and maintain.

The latest SPMM 5000 can accommodate larger SUV vehicles, with the vertical stroke increased to +/-210mm and the nominal load capacity to 5,000kg. It also comes with longer wheel stations enabling vehicles ranging in size from very small up to those with a maximum wheel base of 4,450mm to be tested without comprising accuracy.

The SPMM 5000 uses a new generation of real-time controller to precisely control the motion of the machine. This is a state-of the art device with 10 times more computing power than its predecessor and improved data capture. Easy to upgrade as K&C test requirements become more demanding, it also provides an ideal platform for new and future SPMM developments.

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