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ADAS Soft Targets Vehicle and Pedestrian Soft Crash Targets

ABD supplies soft targets for use in ADAS testing. These include two types of soft crash target vehicles and a soft pedestrian target system.

Soft targets allow controlled collisions to be made without damage to the vehicle under test.

The types of soft crash target vehicle are:

1) The Soft Crash Target (SCT) developed by ABD consists of an electronically powered central drive box surrounded by inflatable cushions.

2) The Guided Soft Target (GST) was initially developed by Dynamic Research Inc (DRI). A collaborative version of the GST combines the capabilities of the two companies to produce a low-profile roaming vehicle upon which a foam car body can be mounted.

Both vehicles can be used in conjunction with ABD's range of driving robots to create highly repeatable test scenarios. They can also be synchronised with a human-driven vehicle.

The soft pedestrian target system has been designed to meet the requirements of the EuroNCAP AEB procedures. A flat platform is propelled via a toothed belt and can carry any suitable pedestrian figure with high positional and timing accuracy.

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