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ABD driving robots have established themselves as the global reference for objective vehicle testing on the track. Our products are relied upon by almost every major vehicle manufacturer, together with tier one suppliers and other test organisations around the world. We provide the means to perform your tests efficiently, accurately and repeatably, giving the highest-quality objective data about your vehicle.

Driverless lane change

SR60 Torus installed in Honda Civic


ABD robots are essential tools for the development of vehicle dynamics, steering and braking systems, the testing of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), as well as applications such as misuse and durability testing.

Using robots to do your testing can dramatically reduce the time needed to do the tests - every run will be a good one.

The core products ranges are:

Steering robots
Pedal robots (for brake, accelerator and clutch)

Our robots can be used either as standalone devices or in combination with one another to allow more complex tests to be performed, such as braking in a bend, braking during a lane change manoeuvre or throttle-on throttle-off whilst cornering.

All ABD robots can be installed with minimal modification to the vehicle, and allow the driver to remain seated in the vehicle as normal with the equipment installed. They are all electrically driven and are normally powered from the vehicle's battery.

Tests are easily programmed using a single Windows-based software interface, which is typically installed on a laptop or tablet PC. Real-time control of the robots is undertaken by a powerful servo-controller which is linked to the PC via a USB connection.

Highly-accurate path-following is possible using an ABD steering robot and a GPS-corrected inertial measurement unit. Combining steering and pedal robots allows full driverless testing. This has applications including tests where the risk for the driver would be high or where the testing condition is arduous for the driver.

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You can download an introduction to robot testing here.

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